Resources for Women

Bloom for Catholic Women

Integrity Restored has created a website for women called Bloom for Catholic Women that is designed to help women traumatized by their husband’s sexual and/or pornography addition. The site offers therapeutic and Catholic-based online courses for women in need of healing and is dedicated to helping them gain confidence, hope, and resilience through professional therapeutic support, spiritual insight, educational resources, and an empathetic community.

**Parishioners in the Diocese of Owensboro can use the promo code “OwensboroDio” to get a free subscription plan ($10/month value) to Bloom!

Beggar’s Daughter

Christian blogger Jessica Harris started this website, Beggar’s Daughter, for women who struggle.

Integrity Restored (for Catholic women only) Facebook Group

A closed group for women (only) who have been impacted by porn. Either by viewing it themselves or by being in relationship with someone who does.

Covenant Eyes Blog

This blog has several articles for women/girls. Here’s a list of top blog posts for women/girls.