Resources for Parents

First, relax. Pray a quick prayer. And remind yourself to approach this topic with grace, mercy, and lots of love. Not fear. And never any shame. We recommend you take a look at this document, Redeemed in Love, which was compiled by the Diocese of Richmond, Va. It’s a great overview from a Catholic perspective.

Books to read with children:

If your child sees you as a personal advocate for knowledge about these matters, he/she is much more likely to go to you rather than Google when curious.

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, Jr. (ages 4-6)

Bad pictures are poison. Turn, run, and tell.

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures (ages 7-9)

Explains the issue of pornography and the “C-A-N  D-O” plan.

Wonderfully Made Babies (ages 9+)

Theology of the Body inspired children’s book with medically correct language. This book gives a chaste, faith-based explanation of God’s loving plan for sex and marriage and family.  It’s told in the context of how I was created, which is not alluring.

Websites to help parents get more information:

  • Protect Young Eyes
    Easy to navigate, this Christian website educates parents on apps that youth and children use – what’s dangerous about them and how they work; how to protect children from bullying, indecent sites, online predators; strategies to keep kids safe online; filtering information. Also includes very helpful e-Books and articles.
  • Protect Young Minds
    From the author of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, a blog for parents with resources to keep your kids safe online and make your home a safe haven.

We recommend you spend some time on these sites, then encourage your young people to spend some time there as well. Both these sites are Catholic in perspective and designed for high school and young adults:

  • The Porn Effect
    The Porn Effect exists to help individuals end their pornography addiction by exposing the reality behind the fantasy of pornography and equipping individuals to find freedom.
  • Leave Porn
    A teen-friendly site with great resources developed by LifeTeen. Videos, blogs, and resources designed to help teens leave porn for good.